Blumen Schierscher

Tulips Flower Production Promo
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Project Information

Various videos for a local cut flower production and flower store. They grow all of their flowers by themselves in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

Over the last few months I got to create various videos for them.

Field of tulips A bulb being cut off a tulip A tulip bouquet

Life of a tulip

This project started in late December 2020 and the last clip was recorded in late February of 2021. During this time the tulips have fully grown.
I worked without a storyboard, just the idea of «following the tulips' life». I tried to include some transitions to show the passage of time. I'm especially happy with how the first turned out, where they plant the bulbs and cover them – and the camera – with soil. The view then emerges from the dirt to show how the watered tulips have started to grow.

30 Years Anniversary

In 2022 Blumen Schierscher celebrated their 30 years anniversary. For this occasion we produced a video where the team talks about their experience and most cherished memories. Watch it here.

Tulip bulbs being covered with soil. Emerging from the soil to show small grown tulips.

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