Dario Gartmann

Videographer & Editor
based in Switzerland

Hi there!

My name is Dario Gartmann. I am a videographer and editor based in Switzerland with a focus on advertisement projects. Initially trained as a web developer, I have worked in the field of videography for many years now and completed my Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Production in 2023.

What excites me most about filmmaking is telling stories that would otherwise be unheard of. As a filmmaker I get a glimpse into various fields that expand my view of the world.

About Dario Gartmann Collage


Helping you realise your ideas from start to finish.

  • Filming

    I bring your story to life through skilled videography. Capturing every beautiful moment in a fitting way, with precision and creativity. State of the art equipment helps achieve great production quality.

  • Post Production

    Transforming the raw footage into a compelling narrative, I give the film a mood by enhancing colors, fine-tuning audio and crafting an overall polished video that resonates with your audience.

  • VFX / Animation

    For a complete experience I add visual effects and animations to the videos, that help tell your story. Be it simple and elegent 2D motion graphics or fancy 3D elements.

Get in Touch

Do you have an amazing video idea for your brand or product? Feel free to contact me on social media or shoot me an email.